Chatter Box: Max Anstie

Max Anstie on a cruel run of horrific luck

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Max Anstie has had an eventful start to his first term with Standing Construct KTM. Anstie looks better than ever, once could certainly argue, and the Standing Construct KTM squad are providing him with everything that he needs. Bad luck is thwarting those efforts currently though. Anstie is eager to recognise the positives though and turn things around when the Grand Prix contingent reconvene at Mantova. 

MX Vice: Eventful weekend. I still kind of think it was positive, because speed was so good the whole time, but it just didn't work out at all.

Max Anstie: No. I do not know what I have to do or who I have pissed off. I wish I could just press reset, restart the whole championship and start again. How many races have we done? Four races now and I felt really, really good in all of the races. In Argentina I felt really good and went DNF-4. At Matterley Basin I felt really good and ended up on the floor with a load of guys in the second corner and I thought, "Great." At Valkenswaard I felt really good. I was leading the race and I stalled it. In the second moto I ended up smashing into a load of people again. I felt really fast there, then this weekend…


Hard-pack. Okay, it was a bit rutty and slippery. I felt good in the practices and normally I am not good in practice. I was fourth or fifth and felt fine. In the first moto, I did not get the best… I spun a bit off the gate, but that is the way it goes. It can happen to anyone. I was charging through, felt pretty good and went straight over the handlebars behind Tommy [Searle]. Just spattered myself on the floor, upside-down and the bike was on top of me. I was like, "Oh no." Winded myself. Hurt my leg.

By the time I got back up and actually got going without getting run over, I was twenty-fifth or something and way outside the points. I did not finish that one. In the second moto I thought, "Right, I am going to get a good start." I got out of the gate. I think I got to fifth or something within a couple of laps. Felt mega and I broke the rear-wheel. I do not even know what I did. I do not know if I hit someone.

I must have hit someone. It was all pretty tight in the first few turns, but I do not know. I did not necessarily feel anything. I just felt the rear-wheel go and I was like, "Oh, no. I cannot finish the moto or risk jumping a jump, landing and then breaking it." That was that. Came in. Was a lap down. I just rode around after that in what would have been fourth place, so a bit of a bummer. If you do not laugh, you will cry, I guess.


I feel like a few people would just look at your situation as a whole and go, "Oh, he is not on a factory team anymore. Things are happening." Argentina was a mechanical, sure, and since then it has literally just been bad luck. It seems ridiculous that you can have so much bad luck, but you have pissed off the moto gods or something.

Yeah, I do not know. I have had a great off-season with the team and I honestly feel really good. I have never felt this good mentally as well. I am fast. Normally, if I am struggling to be at the top in practice or whatever then I am better in the motos and I pull out some alright races or fighting my way through. I actually feel fast now though. I actually feel like… Okay, [Antonio] Cairoli and [Tim] Gajser have got another step. I feel like, to be honest, I can battle for that third place or at least be in the top five on hard-pack, sand or wherever.  

I feel good. I feel good in all practice sessions. I do not even change the bike at all, really, too much in-between sessions. I am just happy. The weeks are going well, so I feel solid. My starts… If it is not Ivo [Monticelli], it is me getting out of the gate. If we could both put our starts together and just get out of the gate really well. The bike has got the potential to be able to start inside the top five every time.  

I feel good on the bike. I guess right now I am like, "Ugh," but we have got a few weeks now to reset. I feel like I am close to just having a few things click and then it will not be easy work, but both motos when you are inside the top three or five are a lot easier than when you are coming through or upside-down. Hopefully we can just put ourselves in a good position and not have any more mess-ups.


Can you take the positives from today at all? Like you said, you can battle for third or fifth. The second moto proved that you could have done it today, even, so can you go away from here and be like, "Oh yeah, I am there" or are you just pissed off? 

No. A bit of it is out of my control. I made a mistake in the first moto. I crashed, but still I am pushing. It is like, "Ugh." Just little things. It is just not going my way, but I could definitely take the positives… I feel good! Result-wise I will wake up and think, "Ugh, that was annoying." I probably will not even look at the results, but result-wise… Really annoying.  

The way that I feel… The potential is there to be great, but it is annoying that I have had four races where the potential has been there to get on the podium and I have not even been inside the top five. I do not even know if I have been inside the top ten. I did not even look after the last few, so from what it could be to what it is… Results-wise is a bit shit but I think, again, I have got to take the positives.

 That is the only way you will move forward. There is not a lot I need to change. There is nothing I need to change with the bike. There is nothing I need to change with the way that I am riding. There is nothing I really need to change. I do not actually know what you do. Maybe I will just go to church for a few weeks and that will help. I do not know. That is pretty much it.


Was that first moto crash actually bad? You know when there is a bad crash, then the guy gets up and the crowd do a polite little clap? They did that, so was it that bad?

I do not know. I was coming down the hill and I was behind Tommy. Tommy was riding well, so I was just trying everything to pass him. He sort of cut across and there was a bit of roost. I could not really see. Next thing I know, I was in the bumps and just ended up doing what felt like a front flip. I do not really know what happened.

I was just rolling around on the floor upside-down. I do not really know. It happened so quick. I do not really know. I was upside-down. The bike was sort of flying around, then I got back up and all the Gajser fans were cheering me on. I thought, "Oh, great."

Ignore the results. Ignore the bad luck. Ignore all of that. I think that just comparing you to before your concussion last year, I think you look better on the bike and you look faster. Do you actually feel that way?

Yeah, exactly. That is what I have been saying. I feel really good. I feel solid. I feel fast. I feel like everything is nice. I am happy. I am happy with the team. I am happy with the people we have got around us. I am just happy. Just a bit annoying that we have not gotten decent results, but still at the end of the day we are right there. I feel good with everything.

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