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A final push for the big money

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Is Ke Wang the best pick on Fantasy MX Manager this week? Is Yang Pu a better choice? One could certainly argue that is the biggest question mark entering the Grand Prix of China. That sounds like a joke, but it may end up becoming a pivotal point. The wildcards really do make a difference in this game and thus it is really worth paying attention to practice times across the weekend.

There is also another point that players should pay attention to this weekend. Those in China are seven hours ahead of the United Kingdom and – with it being a flyaway race – the first MX2 moto will begin an hour earlier than usual. Entries will close at quarter past five in the morning on Sunday and that could also end up being a game changer. It is highly unlikely that a lot of players will be awake when the gates drop, so it is important for players to remember to enter a capable team on Saturday evening. There are going to be players who forget about that little detail and give up positions at the very end of a gruelling season.

(Ray Archer)

There are not too many picks that really jump off of the page in the premier division, but one is a safe pick. Brian Bogers only costs €150,000 and should be right around the top ten in a field that will consist of just fourteen regulars. There is no one else on that level who costs so little, so what is the reason behind his price tag? Bogers looked great in Turkey and ran inside of the top five before dropping right down the order. It was not an encouraging ride at all, but then that shoulder has had another week to heal now too. Cling to the positives.

Go for an all-Dutch team in the premier class and success is almost guaranteed on Sunday. Pair Bogers with Jeffrey Herlings at €500,000 and there would be a decent haul of points for a little over fifty percent of the overall budget. There is no one else who has a lot of upside – aside from Tommy Searle if his shoulder holds up – and wildcards are arguably more beneficial in MX2, simply because there is more space for them to succeed. Take a look at those who are more of a risk though. What is there to really lose for a lot of people? The season is over for most at this point.

(Ray Archer)

Thomas Kjer Olsen is going to be the most picked rider in the MX2 division this week. After a bout of food poisoning, he did not even race the second race at round seventeen and therefore his stock has plummeted in the week prior to the Grand Prix of China. If he is back to his best – and he should be at this point – then it is guaranteed that he will offer up some sort of return at €350,000. Most will make a swerve for him this week though, so should a player who is desperate to make progress zig whilst everyone else zags? It must be stressful to be in the fight for the crown.

Zach Pichon is very good value at €150,000. Most are understandably sceptical about signing him up, but he was surprisingly strong at the Grand Prix of Turkey. Will that continue? There are not too many riders in Asia this weekend, so he should still be in the points even if he cartwheels. Considering that fact should make it easier for some players to take the plunge. Spending less than fifty percent of your budget on MX2 riders would be a good strategy to adopt. Going for a wildcard would save even more money though so – looping back around to the beginning of this piece – watch the practice times!

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer

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