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Pinpoint: British Chatter

Building hype ahead of Landrake

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The Maxxis British Championship will draw to a close at Landrake, Cornwall, later this week. This is one of the rare instances where neither title has been wrapped up prematurely and thus there are multiple things to look forward to. What are five things to watch out for at the eighth and final event? 

MX1 Title Fight

It would be almost impossible for Shaun Simpson to overhaul a thirty-five-point deficit to Tommy Searle in a normal set of circumstances. Searle is not at one hundred percent now though – a shoulder injury that he sustained in Turkey being the reason for that – and thus the door has been swung open. The problem for a guy facing a deficit in the Maxxis British Championship is that the depth is not there, so realistically Simpson is going to need Searle to either pull out with a mechanical failure or injury. There is a glimmer of hope for those giving chase now though. 

(Ray Archer)

MX2 Title Fight

 The MX2 title fight is a tad unpredictable – just eighteen points separate Revo Husqvarna teammates Dylan Walsh and Alvin Ostlund. Realistically only riders like Josh Gilbert, Conrad Mewse and Michael Sandner can split those two and help Ostlund bring the deficit down. If Ostlund wins both races and Walsh finishes fifth each time then they will end the season on equal points. Walsh would win anyway – he has a lot more race wins than his teammate. The weather could help split the two and turn the results upside down, but it will not be a full-blown mudder. 

Conrad Mewse

It has been so long since Conrad Mewse actually raced that it will strange to see him on track again. It is a surprise that he is going to race so soon after getting back on a bike – he has been riding for a few weeks – but then this is a no-pressure situation. Even if he rides around and does not even push, he could slot inside the top six and that would be a successful return. What if he takes a holeshot and hangs on for a couple of laps though? He could be a pretty big factor if the aforementioned title fight comes down to the last round.

(Ray Archer)

Change Is Good

The 2019 Maxxis British Championship finale could be a game changer for the sport in Britain. Youth riders will run alongside the best of the best for the first time and therefore the championship will receive a much-needed boost in spectator numbers and attention. There are a lot of fans and insiders who have demanded changes, so this is an opportunity to support that and prove that this is the correct direction to go in. There is a chance that this is not the correct way to go but at least something is happening. Can one really ask for a lot more than that?

Elliott Banks-Browne

There are a lot of talking points heading into Landrake and consequently certain riders will get overlooked: Elliott Banks-Browne is one of those riders. EBB has missed a lot of the season with an injury and then been struck by a handful of untimely mechanical problems since his return, but he has caught fire recently. There was that second place in the final race at the previous round, Foxhill, and then he was dominant at the last Michelin MX Nationals event. Although another freak issue stopping him from winning there, he was clearly the best guy. Perhaps things will go his way at Landrake?

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer

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