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Glenn Coldenhoff on another clean sweep

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Glenn Coldenhoff was the star of the show at the 2019 Motocross of Nations. After being pulled across the Assen TT Circuit by fans and media, he still made some time for a quick MX Vice interview. Coldenhoff discusses his rides, the pressure from the thousands of fans and what actually changed in the days prior to the Grand Prix of Italy. It was at that point in the season where he broke through and suddenly become a contender for wins.

MX Vice: It's tough to be in the spot that The Netherlands were. Second would have been great but not good enough. You had to win otherwise I don't know what the fans would have done! You got the job done and got two gold plates as well. This may be the best day of your career, right? I guess so. 

Glenn Coldenhoff: Yeah, I think I can speak as my best career so far this year. Got a bronze medal and now a gold medal. Last year I got one gold plate and this year I got two. It has been amazing to do that in front of my home crowd. It's something unbelievable.


This is kind of a tricky question. You turned it up at the last couple of rounds. You won today and that was great. I feel like the way you rode in Italy and China was better though. I feel like maybe you had more to give today or another level that was obtainable, even though you won.

The track was so difficult and so demanding, also for the bike. You need to bring it home safe. It's very, very hard for the bike. No, I wasn't on the clutch as much as I usually do. That was good. My bike was amazing today, so thanks to Standing Construct KTM. They have done an amazing job. In the end, maybe I could go faster but that would definitely be some risk. That's something we don't need to take here. 

How was the pressure and everything? Was it crazier than anything you have experienced before? Did you manage to block it out quite well?

No, there was of course a lot of pressure. Everyone expected us to win. In the end we did that, but the pressure was on. I really did not feel like pressure. I was here to do my job and that’s what we have done. It was good.

I guess it is one of those things where as soon as the gate drops you just forget about everything and do your job.

Yeah, exactly. It was like that.


We need to know: What the hell happened to you before Imola? Did you get new parts? Did you become a new person? What the hell happened? Tell us something.

No, I think it was just many things that all came together.

We need more!

I feel like I got stronger. My team definitely got better. A little better bike. It was just small, tiny changes that we did. In the end it all falls together. Once I got that belief, things changed. I had a good result.

Without those small changes then, you do not think you would have been able to hit that next level?

No. I think it has to do with all of that. I was going into the season after a big injury. I was getting stronger also. The team definitely got better. It was just the complete package.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX 

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